Atlas of Clinical Fungi, book version

Price: € 275,00

G.S. de Hoog, J. Guarro, J. Gené, S.A. Ahmed, A.M.S. Al-Hatmi, M.J. Figueras and R.G. Vitale

With 1600 densely filled pages in full colour on more than 700 fungi, the book provides a wealth of information on medical mycology. The two volumes are organized in analogy of the Fungal Kingdom, and because it includes numerous opportunists it is also useful for workers outside the medical area. Complementary to the search tools of the website, the book provides an overview of the rich data collected over 30 years of medical mycology, covering diagnostics, taxonomy, phylogeny, nomenclature, antifungals, and histopathology, validated by almost 8000 references. The layout is pleasant to read, and the photo plates are stunning, often showing unique features of the fungi. The Atlas of Clinical Fungi is a non-profit project and at € 275,- the book is reasonably priced.  

Please note that this first edition is limited.

Part α: Introductions, lower fungi, basidiomycetes, yeasts, filamentous ascomycetes A-B.
ISBN: 978-94-93226-12-8

Part β: Filamentous ascomycetes C-Z.
ISBN: 978-94-93226-13-5


Note: The nearly 8000 literature references have not been printed. These are available online. You will have 2 years free access to the complete online version of the book.